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Download A Companion to Hrotsvit of Gandersheim (fl. 960): Contextual by Phyllis R. Brown PDF

By Phyllis R. Brown

Hrotsvit wrote tales, performs, and histories throughout the reign of Emperor Otto the good (962-973). Twelve unique essays survey her paintings, displaying historic roots and contexts, Christian values, and an incredibly smooth grappling with questions of id and feminine self-realization.

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10 stephen l. wailes and phyllis r. brown Pious. Upon his death in 840, and after three years of violent quarrels among his sons, the realm was indeed divided into three parts, with the German lands passing to a son thereafter known as Louis the German. Albeit with shifting borders, this territory was known as the East Frankish kingdom or East Francia, and it was constituted in large part by the great and powerful principalities of old Germanic peoples—Alemannia, Bavaria, Thuringia, and Saxony—each with its own German dialect, traditions, and customary law.

Jahrhundert (Husum, 1996), p. 141. 23 Fried, Der Weg in die Geschichte, p. 420: “Konradiner, Babenberger und Liudolfinger— am Hof des jüngeren Ludwigs bereitete sich seit etwa 865/66 jene Konstellation vor, die das Geschick des ostfränkischen Reiches zu Beginn des 10. Jahrhunderts beherrschen und den Wandel zur deutschen Geschichte einleiten sollte” [The Conradines, the Babenbergs, and the Liudolfings—around 865–66 the constellation began to form at the court of the younger Louis that was to control the destiny of East Francia at the start of the 10th century and begin the transformation into German history].

Borders, Barriers, and Ethnogenesis: Frontiers in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages (Turnhout, 2005), pp. 35–49: “the Emperor [Charles the Great] transferred in 804 the entire area between the Elbe and the Eider Rivers to the Slavic tribe of the Obodrites, who had been loyal allies of the Franks during the Saxon wars. He also moved Saxon inhabitants of that area into the heartland of his empire” (pp. 37–38). 28 Rosamond McKitterick, Charlemagne, p. 256. On the executions and deportations, see also pp.

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