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Download A Flame of Learning, Krishnamurti with Teachers by J. Krishnamurti PDF

By J. Krishnamurti

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K: I think you can do it if you can teach me how to be watchful, if I can learn to be watchful. When the habit-forming insensitivity comes into being, then all these problems arise. If we can help the students, or help each other, to be sensitive, which can only happen in watchfulness, you’ve solved probably eighty per cent of the problem. T: That is to educate them. K: That is part of our education. T: Which isn’t done instantly. K: I think it can be done. I, personally, don’t want to take many days to break down something.

Pause) What do you say? T: It seems that we are not in a position to say yes definitely, but I’m in a position of looking at the action that is a movement of this kind together. K: Sir, I’m asking you, do you and I, two people for the moment, see the importance of the depth of no authority? And therefore, that it involves a great deal? You know a lot about machinery, I don’t; but you, knowing so much, naturally begin to assume authority; I give you the authority, or you assume the authority—but not if you and I are learning; learning, not about something, but the fact that I must learn.

I want to learn. I’ve spent my whole life learning and I want to learn. Here are a group of people from whom I can learn a great deal, because they have talked about no authority, they have talked about freedom, they have talked about order, all that. They have gone into this thing and I want to learn from them and together create a flame of learning. You understand? T: That’s how we started, but it seems we’ve moved from there. K: Move; let’s move! T: I mean, it seems that you started that way to focus our attention on our own attitude towards authority.

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