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By J. M. Snyder

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God, no. I’ve dreamed of your kisses for so long. ” “You’ll not ache again,” Sam murmured, his lips soft against Andy’s own. For long moments it seemed as if they could never be satisfied with the trembling kisses and gentle caresses, the forgotten feel of skin against skin, and Andy wondered if he could possibly find words to fill the three year void that had separated them. But words were unnecessary; their bodies remembered each other’s touch. There was no awkwardness between them, no anxious pauses, no nervous chatter.

They were cold, so cold, and he tried to rub warmth back into the strong fingers. “How the hell did you get caught up in this damn war, too? And for the North? ” The questions tumbled out in a rush and Sam laughed again, a sound that still managed to make Andy grin foolishly after all this time. “I’ve prayed for you and now 27 A HEART DIVIDED you’re here. Here! Lord God. Maybe my men were right, maybe you are a ghost and you aren’t really here at all—” Sam cut off Andy’s words with another kiss.

I’ve thought of you every second of every day for the last three years. I got as far as St. ” Andy wanted to know. “Daily I’ve waited for some word, a letter or a ticket, something…” “I wanted to,” Same assured him. He raised the bowl to his lips and gulped down the rest of the soup, using the spoon to guide the chunks of beef and potatoes into his mouth. When the bowl was empty, he handed it back to Andy and tore into the bread again. “The place I stayed took most of my pay for room and board, and I didn’t want to go any farther west, even though the cowboys all told me that’s where the money was.

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