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Download A Man In A Kilt (Zebra Debut) by Sandy Blair PDF

By Sandy Blair

Duncan MacDougall, the laird of Blackstone, used to be cursed centuries in the past to wander as a ghost in the echoing partitions of his island citadel - and just one lady can unfastened him. Can or not it's the hot mistress of Blackstone, simply arrived from over the ocean? Duncan has heard that beautiful leave out Elizabeth Pudding isn't any greater than a prepare dinner - and she or he hails from a barbarous land referred to as the Bronx. yet she needs to research the methods of a girl all of the similar - and she or he needs to remain at Blackstone for 6 lengthy months to inherit it. 'Tis time sufficient to educate her - and time sufficient to woo her. Duncan MacDougall is a tall, translucent determine with black hair and piercing blue eyes. but a mist separates him from the land of the living...a mist as robust as chilly metal. it's acknowledged that in basic terms love can dissolve it - and produce the fellow of her goals to hot, respiring lifestyles.

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Her beautiful ghost, now flesh and blood, bulging muscles, and broad brow, was trying his damnedest to die on her. And it hurt. Hurt so much that she thought she, too, might die. It made no sense. He didn't care for her ... thought her insane. And still she thought him more man than she had ever imagined existed. He had only to speak, roll those delicious r's, and her knees turned to jelly. To make matters more untenable, unlike their time on the parapet when he was a ghost and she a badly shaken woman, when he'd been compassionate and funny, now he only railed at her.

So, now it's just you and me against the world, huh? " When his brow remained furrowed, she made eating motions with her hands. " "I'll see what the kitchen has to offer. " She shuddered, picturing the sheep gut stuffed with oats and Lord knew what all else. She wouldn't have been the least surprised to learn they packed a pig's squeak in with its blood. A few minutes later she returned with a trencher of diced lamb and porridge. When she finished shoveling the contents of the bread bowl into him, she gently dabbed the corners of his mouth.

She would do all she could with her limited knowledge, all garnered from the Discovery Channel and friends, and then she'd have to place her trust— Duncan's life—in God's hands. With the wound clean, Beth agonized over whether she should stitch it closed. From her limited experience rushing kitchen staff to emergency rooms, she knew stitches had to be placed within twelve hours. According to those surrounding her, Duncan's wound was weeks, not hours, old. Hearing loud murmurs, she looked up and found the doorway filled with anxious faces.

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