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By Samantha James

A Promise Given The proud head of his Highland extended family, Ian MacGregor has back, cloaked in secrets and techniques, to where the place he spent many carefree years, with a view to marry Margaret Kincaid--the lowlands lass to whom he has been betrothed due to the fact his early life. however it is the wild lively and hauntingly appealing Sabrina Kincaid who catches Ian's eye. And while Margaret mysteriously vanishes, he willingly accepts Sabrina as his bride in her sister's stead. A Promise saved Dutybound to honor her father's want, Sabrina reluctantly is of the same opinion to wed the rugged chieftain--though she fears the rumors of Ian's darkish prior. . .and the whispers that now blame him for Margaret's disappearance. yet her sensuous soul bids her to pay no heed to her doubts and distrust, and to put up as an alternative to the searing passions that burn inside her. For Ian's stirring but delicate caress speaks of a noble, mild middle. And if peril is Sabrina's destiny, so be it--for she is set to profit the truths that may set them either loose and hold them aloft jointly at the wings of incomparable love.

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She knew not what to say. “There’s little to tell,” she said slowly. Of a certainty she’d never admit to him that despite her angry hurt at his betrayal, she remembered vividly that for a time she had missed him sorely. Many a night after he’d gone she’d cried herself to sleep. “Well, then, I shall tell you of mine. When I went home to the Highlands, my father was well pleased with the knightly skills I learned under the tutelage of your father. But he insisted my instruction would not be complete—that I would not be a man—until I’d learned to understand the ways of other men as well.

She cast a glance all about her, as if she feared she might be seen. A half-smile curled his lips. So she was sneaking away, was she? Well, he could not blame her. He watched as she ducked into the narrow stair well that led to the tower and wall-walk. Her footsteps announced her arrival even before he saw her. She hurried along the parapet, her head slightly lowered, her shoulders hunched against the bite of the wind. She stopped midway along the wall, then turned and gazed out toward the forest.

To marry Duncan’s eldest daughter Margaret. Odd, that he felt no kindling of excitement at the prospect of seeing his bride-to-be again, beauteous though she was. In all honesty, he’d never harbored any great affection for Margaret. Indeed, he was surprised that Duncan had not demanded he and Margaret marry long ago. Nay, there had been no haste in marrying, especially since Duncan had not pressed the issue. And so Ian had curbed the restlessness in his soul—and aye, his manly appetite—but he knew that the time had come to honor the agreement.

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