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By Kim Lawrence

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Tratado de la reforma del entendimiento

El presente volumen reúne tres breves pero importantes tratados de Spinoza (1632-1677). El" Tratado de l. a. reforma del entendimiento" es un escrito de juventud en el que el filósofo expone l. a. concepción de su método, cuya lógica se ejercitará sin discutirse explícitamente en los angeles" Ética" . El segundo tratado, los" Principios de filosofía de Descartes" , es un comentario a los" Principios" de este autor, cuya filosofía period entonces de candente actualidad.

Deliciosas ensaladas

Las ensaladas deberian estar presentes en cualquier menu: refrescan en los calurosos d#237;as de verano y, al llegar el frio invernal, nos traen recuerdos de las vacaciones y nos proporcionan vitaminas. Este comprendio de recetas clasicas y novedosas es un reflejo de las multiples existentes a los angeles hora de preparar una ensalada: ingredientes originales para ocasiones senaladas, nutritivas ensaladas que pueden tomarse como plato critical, otras de textura crujiente perfectas para acompanar.

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Across the inches barely separating them the heat of his body seeped through the fine creased linen of her jacket. Say something! Do something? She did neither, but he did. Emilio bent his head and covered her mouth with his. Scream, kick him, bite him, said the voice in her head. Instead she melted into him, her soft body moulding sinuously against the lean, hard length of him. Her lips parted with a silent sigh, not just allowing but inviting the bold, erotic penetration of his tongue. Need and enervating lust rolled over her, sweeping her along in its wake as she clung to him, her arms sliding around his middle.

The instant was indelibly seared into Emilio’s memory, every individual detail of her breathless late arrival midway through the boring dinner carrying the scent of the warm summer night into the stuffy room with her. His heart had literally stopped, which was crazy when you considered how many times he had seen her walk into a room previously, but in that moment it had been as if he were seeing her for the first time. Wary of sliding into self-pitying mode, jaw clenched, Emilio pushed away the image of her face allowing the far less pleasing image of his father’s face to fill the space it left.

But had that mutual, civilized, still-good-friends routine been a way to save face? The Rios family name came not only with a clearly superb gene pool, she thought, sweeping a covert glance through her lashes at Emilio’s clear-cut patrician profile, but also some far less attractive things. Things like family tradition and pride. How would divorce have gone down? In many ways the Rios family had not moved on very far from the Dark Ages, and they didn’t do divorce. When it came to pride the Rios family had a lot more than their fair share.

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