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By Jiuyong Li

This ebook constitutes the refereed complaints of the twenty third Australasian Joint convention on synthetic Intelligence, AI 2010, held in Adelaide, Australia, in December 2010. The fifty two revised complete papers awarded have been rigorously reviewed and chosen from 112 submissions. The papers are geared up in topical sections on wisdom illustration and reasoning; info mining and information discovery; laptop studying; statistical studying; evolutionary computation; particle swarm optimization; clever agent; seek and making plans; typical language processing; and AI purposes.

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Extra info for AI 2010: Advances in Artificial Intelligence: 23rd Australasian Joint Conference, Adelaide, Australia, December 7-10, 2010. Proceedings

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A survey of ranking theory. , Schmidt-Petri, C. ) Degrees of Belief. An Anthology. Oxford University Press, Oxford (2005) 8. : The Logic of Decision, 2nd edn. University of Chicago Press, Chicago (1965/1983) 9. : Generalized update: Belief change in dynamic settings. In: IJCAI 1995, pp. 1550–1556 (1995) Temporal Belief-Change: κ-functions Approach 21 10. : Brels: A system for the integration of knowledge bases. In: KR, pp. 145–152 (2000) 11. : Ranking functions, agm style. , Rabinowicz, W. ) Internet Festschrift for Peter G¨ardenfors, Lund (1999) 12.

Definition 6. Let κ be a ranking function for 2H , and (A, tA ), A ∈ 2W , tA ∈ N , the new information. t. instant t∗ < tA is: ∗ t∗ . (1) past preserving iff E t = E(A,t A) ∗ tA t (2) inertia preserving iff (E ∩ A) ⊆ E(A,t . A) Theorem 1. Both the natural and the inertia enforced update Conditionalizations are past preserving but only inertia enforced update is inertia preserving. e. faithfulness property, manually. However, it is more appropriate for the belief attitude κ to have a structure that supports inertia automatically.

Definition 2. The initial sequents of SLL are of the form: for any propositional variable p, ˆ ⇒ [d]p ˆ [d]p ˆ ⇒ [d]1 ˆ Γ ⇒ [d] ˆ [d]⊥, Γ ⇒ γ. co) (;left) (;right). α, Γ ⇒γ [d][b Γ ⇒ [d][b Note that Girard’s intuitionistic linear logic ILL is a subsystem of SLL. The ˆ ⇒ [d]α ˆ for any formula α are provable in cut-free SLL. sequents of the form [d]α We now define a sequence-indexed phase semantics for SLL. The difference between such a semantics and the original phase semantics for ILL by Girard [1] is the definition of the valuations: whereas the original semantics has a valuation ˆ v, our semantics has an infinite number of sequence-indexed valuations v d (dˆ ∈ ∅ SE), where v just works as v.

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