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By Colin Wilson

In this vintage publication on UFOs, bestselling writer Colin Wilson, a popular authority at the paranormal, examines the proof and develops a definitive idea of the alien touch phenomenon.

Alien Dawn covers Wilson's research into documented facts of odd and unexplained phenomena, together with UFOs, poltergeists, historic folklore, time slips, out-of-body reports, mystical understanding, and psychic shuttle to different worlds. the end result: a desirable and encyclopedic examine of the advanced nature of fact. this is often probably the most accomplished explorations of the topic undertaken, with conclusions absolute to surprise the reader, even if believer or skeptic.

Features a brand new creation by way of the writer.

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The first, when photographed from the air, proved to be a picture of an ‘alien’ face, in which ‘trampled’ patches of corn were used as pixels in the manner of the dots in a newspaper photograph, while the second was a ‘reply’ to the Arecibo binary message apparently telling us about some ET recipients of the Arecibo message, and using the same code. Now the main argument in favour of the genuineness of the Chilbolton messages is that it would be incredibly difficult for hoaxers ‘on the ground’ to fabricate such complex patterns without a network of strings forming squares laid across the field.

He discovered that some of them—containing, for example, equilateral triangles in a circle—demonstrate geometrical theorems that even Euclid never discovered. Then he made another remarkable discovery. Tuning a harp he had bought for his wife, he learned about the mathematical ratios of the notes of the musical scale, and realised that many crop circles created since 1986 contain musical ratios. The possibility of this coming about by chance were thousands to one. This was true of some of the circles claimed by Doug and Dave, and seemed to demonstrate clearly that, unless they had a sophisticated understanding of musical theory, their claims were not plausible.

What Keel’s book seems to show is that there is no clear dividing line between UFO phenomena and the ‘paranormal’—for example, poltergeist activity, telepathy, and precognition. And in many books describing abduction phenomena, the line often dissolves completely. Which brings me to the piece of evidence that I regard as perhaps most convincing so far: the Chilbolton ‘glyphs’, which appeared on the night of 13 August 2001, in a cornfield at Chilbolton, Hampshire, UK, next to the astronomical observatory of the same name.

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