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By P Klushantsev

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Are There Martians on Mars? We are flying to Mars. It's still a long way off and looks like a small sandy-red sphere. But very unlike Venus Mars is! It is coated in a light, translucent and cloudless atmosphere. Mars is nof covered by anything, so all its features can be seen. A bright white cap-like spot stands out on one side· of it. This is one of the planet's two poles. The poles are the coldest places on every planet. It looks as ifthe cap is a thin layer of snow. In summer it melts and reappears in winter.

It looks just as round from any vantage point and emits light like the Sun. But that stone ball on the fence does not emit light. It is illuminated by the lamp, and illuminated only on one side. N ow look at the stone ball from a room through a lit curtain. You can't see the dark side of the ball, you can only see the illuminated side, a "crescent" which looks like an orange segment. It's the same with the Moon. The Moon, you see, is also a' dark stone ball. The Sun-a lamp which illuminates it on one (:..

Of course, our legs would give way under such a load. But not only we would find i difficult to stand Jupiter's pull. A bricJC . ~e'( N o o \'l)~. • • would also collapse on Jupiter. because the bricks in the house's foundations would crumble. , On Jupiter railway' tracks would bend under the weight of a diesel train,. the wings of a plane would snap and the springs and wheels of a bus would break. As you see, it's not easy living on big planets. There you need "reinforced concrete" people, "steel" trees and "stone" animals.

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