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By Phylos the Thibetan

During this extension of Phylos the Thibetans' treaties at the soul development of Mainin, we discover conversation among the better spirit and the extra carnal earthly self of Mainin. A conversation choked with truths and examples retraced repeatedly in different texts. That existence is an overcoming of SELF, and repair to others is the instance of all religious adepts and the Christ. this can be one other in a line of books and iconic personalities of the overdue 19th century so choked with spiritualism and exploration. Edgar Cacye, Madam Blatavatsky, and Carl Jung. learn, digest, and judge for your self the place it matches during this grand scheme we name existence. As occasionally the motion picture "The Matix" turns out an apt instance of the semblance awarded to us in lifestyles, and reincarnation explains alot concerning the souls development towards an exceptable point of achievment prior to being awarded ahead of the almighty. may that we had the "Sons of the Solitude" and the "Mount Shasta" university to steer our steps extra conscientiously.

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THE MAGIC RING OR DISC OF SOLOMON THIS is the Form of the Magic Ring, or rather Disc, of Solomon, the figure whereof is to be made in gold or silver. It is to be held before the face of the exorcist to preserve him from the stinking sulphurous fumes and flaming breath of the Evil Spirits. (Colour. - Bright yellow. ) THE VESSEL OF BRASS. THIS is the Form of the Vessel of Brass wherein King Solomon did shut up the Evil Spirits, etc. ) (Somewhat different forms are given in the various codices. The seal in Figure 160 was made in brass to cover this vessel with at the top.

He is of an indifferent Good Nature, and is willing to do anything which the Exorcist desireth. He governeth 26 Legions of Spirits. And this his Seal is to be worn, etc. ) DANTALION. - The Seventy-first Spirit is Dantalion. He is a Duke Great and Mighty, appearing in the Form of a Man with many Countenances, all Men’s and Women’s Faces; and he hath a Book in his right hand. His Office is to teach all Arts and Sciences unto any; and to declare the Secret Counsel of any one; for he knoweth the Thoughts of all Men and Women, and can change them at his Will.

By Thy holy cherubim: Gabriel. - By Thy Holy Angel Gabriel, who is the Author and Messenger of good tidings: Levanah. - Direct and support us at this present and for ever. 37 THE EXPLANATION OF THE TWO TRIANGLES IN THE PARCHMENT. Alpha And Omega. - Thou, O great God, Who art the beginning and the end: Tetragrammaton. - Thou God of Almighty power, be ever present with us to guard and protect us, and let Thy Holy Spirit and presence be now and always with us: Soluzen. - I command thee, thou Spirit of whatsoever region thou art, to come unto this circle: Halliza.

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