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By Julia Lougovaya

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Read Online or Download An historical study of Athenian verse epitaphs from the sixth through the fourth centuries BC. (PhD Toronto Univ.) PDF

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Although the epitaph provides no indication of the age of the deceased, it seems likely that a brother and a sister would be commemorated together if they died young and before marriage. Other Expressions of Grief One of the most common ways to describe the deceased in archaic Attic verse epitaphs is by reference to him or her with the participles 8avwv (8avovoa) or KaTa

K. "32 This family of splendid means and fme taste presents us with a characteristic example of what class of people in archaic Attica would choose to inscribe a verse epitaph. A fragmentary epitaph found in an unrecorded place in Attica (30, ea. 535-530) must have commemorated a man who perished in war, but too little survives from what appears originally to have been a long verse inscription; even the meter of the epitaph cannot be determined. J which was preceded by OTE, and the juxtaposition of these two words indicates that in its praise 30 Although the kouros has been mounted on the base in the National Museum, there remains some doubt whether the two actually belong together, see IGAA, p.

60 Defending m[vv1:r6s over m[oo]:r6s Hansen writes: 'in hoc titulo manifeste de patre familias agitur, non de iuvene cui monumentum ab amicis aut amatore positum est' (67). The argument appears to be a circular one. 61 As Jeffery notes, "(t]he stoichedon had failed by the sixth line" (IGAA, p. 141, no. 51), see pl. 39:c, and even a clearer illustration in Harder 1943, p. 114. 62 ElTEITa Se Tl Kat lTAEOV 8pTJVOV OlTEOTIV i1 (jios TE evi

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