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By Sally Rippin

What do you do in case you locate an angel with a damaged wing? There are just issues Jelly likes in regards to the new condominium on Rosemary highway: the previous apricot tree and the creek over the again fence. One evening, Jelly and her cousins spot whatever within the creek's darkish waters. before everything they believe it is a chicken, however it isn't…it's a toddler angel with a damaged wing. They choose to preserve it. yet Jelly quickly discovers that you just cannot simply take anything from the place it belongs and anticipate that it will not be neglected. Sally Rippin's Angel Creek is a booklet approximately being courageous and egocentric and difficult and scared. it is a publication approximately an angel, approximately turning out to be up. And concerning the outstanding issues that occur in the summertime sooner than highschool starts. 'Hideaways, rescues, damaged ideas, and a lady who needs to defend anything fragile and helpful and out of this world…I enjoyed this book.' Martine Murray

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The thought made her sick. She couldn’t imagine what it would be like if her grandmother was gone. Nonna had lived with them since Jelly was small. Since her nonno had died. Every day after school it was nonna who listened to all the intricate details of Jelly’s day: who was fighting, which girl had the nicest hair, which boys had been particularly annoying or smelly. Gino spat out an apricot stone and sighed. ’ ‘Yuck,’ Jelly said. ‘Don’t think so. ’ ‘Good idea,’ said Gino, and without another word they were out of the tree and over the fence.

She began to calm. That was when she noticed. The angel was trembling. Its whole body was quivering. ‘Hey,’ she said, stroking its matted hair. ’ The angel buried its face in her neck, grunting and snuffling like a rabbit. She looked at Gino. ‘It’s frightened, that’s all. ’ Gino’s eyes rolled white in the dark. ’ They stood in the rushing water listening to the angel’s whimpers and Pik snivelling in the dark. When the angel was quiet Gino put a hand out to touch its wing. The angel flinched, and buried its face deeper into Jelly’s neck.

That’s so mean,’ said Jelly. ’ Gino shrugged. ’ Jelly stroked the angel’s wings and felt all her anger towards her uncle come up out of her chest, like a gust of hot air, and rush down her arms and through her fingertips. The angel stirred and then settled again. ‘Let’s go then,’ she said, and took Pik’s hand. Gino pulled the door shut behind them and slid the bolt across. ‘It’s not going anywhere,’ Jelly said. ‘It can still crawl,’ Gino said. ‘It might get out. ’ ‘What do you mean you don’t want it to escape?

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