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Lovely photos mix with full of life illustrations with enticing, age-appropriate tales in DK Readers a multilevel studying software certain to trap kid's curiosity whereas constructing their studying talents and common wisdom. With DK Readers, childrens will learn how to read—and learn to profit! March, construct, swarm! examine all concerning the impressive global of ants and their advanced colonies!

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Antennae Moveable parts on an insect’s head that pick up senses. Bivouac An army ants’ nest created by linking together their own bodies. ] Honeydew A sweet sticky liquid that oozes out of aphids and other small scaly insects. Larva The newly hatched legless form of an ant. Mandibles The mouthparts of an insect used for grabbing, biting, cutting, and chewing food. Paralyze To make an animal unable to move. Colony A group of ants that live together. Prey An animal hunted or captured for food. Compost A pile of rotting plants and animals that becomes fine soil that is full of nutrients.

Our colony only has about a 1,000 ants, so we all work hard to find enough food. When the colony is small, even our queen takes care of the eggs and her larvae, and goes out of the nest to hunt. 44 45 We all protect our nest from attack. When we are annoyed we leap around. We also chase after invaders, such as spiders and cockroaches to scare them off and get them away from our nest. Other ants are our fiercest enemies. Although they are much smaller than we are, they can overwhelm us with their great numbers.

To make room, we dig deeper and deeper. 5-m) deep. We push the soil up to the surface, leaving mounds more than 3-ft (1-m) high above the ground. Quite an achievement for tiny creatures! So please, don’t step on us. Be impressed and keep your distance. ❖ A red fire ant has a darker abdomen than the rest of its body. 29 Wood tunnellers We don’t eat wood. That’s the truth! We just use our mandibles to break it up to make tunnels and chambers for our nest. We are carpenter ants and we make nests for our queen in moist wood.

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