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Captain Charles, Engineer of Charity: The remarkable life of Charles Gordon O'Neill

The intense saga of the colonial personality 'Captain' Charles Gordon O'Neill is informed for the 1st time. An engineer, inventor, parliamentarian and philanthropist, Charles was once a central co-founder of the St Vincent de Paul Society in Australia and New Zealand. Born of Irish mom and dad in Scotland in 1828, O'Neill travelled to the colonies in 1863 with riding ambition, matched via entrepreneurial imaginative and prescient.

Mixed Towns, Trapped Communities: Historical Narratives, Spatial Dynamics, Gender Relations and Cultural Encounters in Palestinian-israeli Towns (Re-Materialising Cultural Geography)

Sleek city areas are, via definition, combined. in lots of methods, their luck lies within the richness in their ethnic type and ongoing alternate of cultural qualities and ideas, yet this combination isn't inevitably harmonious. Focusing no longer on capital towns or the holy websites that are so seriously linked to center jap city area, yet on Palestinian-Israeli combined cities, this ebook theorizes the connection among modernity, the idea that of the country and the dynamics which engender and signify the expansion of city areas.

Russian-German Special Relations in the Twentieth Century A Closed Chapter

Twentieth-century Europe, in particular imperative japanese Europe, has been mostly outlined through Russia and Germany. during this century, cultural and monetary exchanges among the 2 international locations have been as energetic because the fires of hatred severe. The smaller states in among, with their risky borders and inner minorities, suffered from the powers alliances and their antagonisms.

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God, he loved this place. Some day. He opened the office door and was greeted instantly by a fresh-faced young woman of probably no more than twentytwo. She stared at him with a definite predatory glint in her eyes. Smiling warmly, she said, "Good afternoon, sir. " "The sign out front says you have a vacancy. " She punched a keyboard, and then coyly glanced at him. " She smiled. " Scotty handed over his credit card. "Scott Trask," she read aloud. "Are you here for pleasure, Mr. " He glanced back through the glass door toward his car.

Scotty's heart skipped a beat. The man was beautiful. He sat down and smiled at Preston. " Preston stared at him warily. "Hi. " "Yeah. " Preston's mouth curved. " "Something like that. You hungry? " Scotty gestured with his shoulder behind him. "Great views, fabulous food. Been there for years. It's my favorite place. " Preston's gaze met his and held it for several seconds. " Preston shook his head. " They stood up and headed back up the hill to the restaurant. Scotty didn't miss at all that they walked several feet apart.

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