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Protection Devices - Provide an intentional open circuit when current exceeds specified limits. Control Devices - can control the amount and direction of current flow through a circuit. 2 module EC1 AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT ANALYSIS Types of Control Devices • Turn electrical circuit on or off • Used on either power side or ground side of circuit EC1-5 • Switch Mechanical device that opens or closes the circuit • Relay An electromagnet with a fixed core that attracts a moveable armature • Transistor Works like a relay but has no moving parts • Electronic Control Unit Sophisticated switch Receives signals from sensors then controls actuators EC1-6 The most common types of control devices used in automotive electrical circuits are shown in the illustration.

Series circuit is a voltage divider circuit. • Current is the same anywhere in the circuit. • Total resistance is the sum of each load resistance. • Total voltage drop equals applied source voltage. EC1-17 8 module EC1 AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT ANALYSIS SERIES CIRCUIT EXAMPLE PASSENGER COMPARTMENT FUSEBOX C160 C230 18 WHT/RED C248 1 CIGARETTE LIGHTER 2 C248 In this series circuit example, when the ignition switch is in the ACC or ON position current coming from the battery flows from the ignition switch through the cigar lighter 15A fuse through connectors C230 and C248 to the cigarette lighter heater element.

When the transmission shift lever is moved to the reverse position, current flows through either the back-up light switch (M/T) or the transmission range switch (A/T) to splice S250. Current splits at the splice and travels to each of the two back-up lights. On the ground side of the circuit, current flows from the back-up lights through splice S404 to grounding point G400 and back to the battery through the vehicle body. EC1-30 If either bulb burns out or either parallel branch develops an open, the unaffected bulb will continue to operate.

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