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By Bernhard J. Knipping, Ralph B. Phillips

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In many cases the sharp contact between the glassy groundmass of the silicate rock and the amygdule filling was formed by fine-grained to idiomorphic anhydrite and/or carbonates and phyllosilicates (fig. 1). This crystallization sequence is also found in the abundant cracks and fractures in the intrusive rocks and at the contact basalt salt rock. In contrast to the amygdules or vesicles, clusters of aggregates of various acicular silicate minerals are found in unweathered rock, primarily in olivine nephelinite.

Deviations from this are also noted. Olivine Xenomorphic olivine occurs as aggregates in several basaltic rocks (dikes and ). The largest of the individual aggregates does not exceed 3 mm in diameter. The olivine displays translation lamellae typical of peridotite olivine. 5 cm ~3). , OE~'~ et al. 1983; I-IART~NN 1986). A more exact classification was not possible due to the limited size and number of inclusions. Short-prismatic-idiomorphic olivine phenocrysts were much more common in the groundmass of the basaltic rocks.

5 show the results of the calculations for the samples in this study. Since the fields partially overlap due to the smooth transition from one rock type to another, dashed lines were used for indicating the boundaries between them (cf. WrMM~NA~R 1985). 56 1~ = AI*2Mg*6Ca 3000 I olivine nephelinites - 2 -~imbo,g,ee • basanites o phonolitiC tephrffes O sample 46/87 (PT) z~ sample 46/86 v unclassified samplesfrom dike ~1 ,,r ~ '~,~ olivine nephelinlte ,>~. plcnte (ankaratrite) ••" x • • , % nephelinite ~'~.

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