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Total resistance is the sum of each load resistance. • Total voltage drop equals applied source voltage. EC1-17 8 module EC1 AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT ANALYSIS SERIES CIRCUIT EXAMPLE PASSENGER COMPARTMENT FUSEBOX C160 C230 18 WHT/RED C248 1 CIGARETTE LIGHTER 2 C248 In this series circuit example, when the ignition switch is in the ACC or ON position current coming from the battery flows from the ignition switch through the cigar lighter 15A fuse through connectors C230 and C248 to the cigarette lighter heater element.

How the components are connected within the circuit determines the type of circuit. Each type of circuit causes voltage and current to divide according to specific rules. Series Circuit A series circuit has only one path for the current to flow. All the components are connected in-line. The same amount of current will flow through each component but the voltage will drop as current flows through each load device. If an open occurs anywhere in the path there will be no current flow. An example of a series circuit would be the old type of christmas tree lights.

What is the Select Switch position? _______________________________ 4. What position is the MANUAL RANGE/ AUTO RANGE switch in? _______________________________ 10 module IM1 INTRODUCTION TO MULTIMETERS Activity C Install the test leads and select the proper range and function to measure 5 amps DC. 1. Which jack did you plug the red lead into? _______________________________ 2. Which jack did you plug the black lead into? _______________________________ 3. What is the Select Switch position? _______________________________ 4.

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