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Download Basic Writings: from Being and Time (1927) to The Task of by Martin Heidegger PDF

By Martin Heidegger

Heidegger's most well liked choice of crucial writings, now revised and elevated -- comprises the ten key essays plus the advent to Being and Time.

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However, the destructuring does not wish to bury the past in nullity; it has a positive intent. Its negative function remains tacit and indirect. The destructuring of the history of ontology essentially belongs to the formulation of the question of Being and is possible solely within such a formulation. Within the scope of this treatise, which has as its goal a fundamental elaboration of the question of Being, the destructuring can be carried out only with regard to the fundamentally decisive stages of that history.

We will follow tradition and let the German word Dasein or Da-sein stand, translating the former as "existence" or "human being" only when the usage seems to be nonterminological. —ED. which ultimately belongs to the essential constitution of Dasein itself. Such "presupposing" has nothing to do with positing a princi- ple from which a series of propositions is deduced. A "circle in reasoning" cannot possibly lie in the formulation of the question of the meaning of Being, because in answering this question it is not a matter of grounding in deduction but rather of laying bare and exhibiting the ground.

We shall call the coherence of these structures existentiality. Its analysis does not have the character of an existentiell understanding but rather an existential one. The task of an existential analysis of Da- Heidegger coins the term existentiell (here translated as "existentiell") to designate the way Dasein in any given case actually exists by realizing or ignoring its various possibilities—in other words, by living its life. One of those possibilities is to inquire into the structure of its life and possibilities; the kind of understanding thereby gained Heidegger calls existenzial (here translated as "existential").

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