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By Lynn M. Stone

Booklet through Stone, Lynn M.

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However, in the domestic situation there is no cause for alarm. Raw meaty bones cleared for human consumption contain few if any worm cysts. Similarly, low numbers of adult worms do not create health problems for carnivores. The few worms that do develop can be controlled by regular use of modern worming medicines. And daily removal of feces helps to limit the spread of worm eggs. Hydatid tapeworm The hydatid tapeworm Echinococcus granulosus needs mention, not because of its effects on dogs but for the potential dangers it poses for humans.

Table scraps, both cooked and raw, can provide welcome calories, trace elements and micronutrients for dogs, but there are a few things to watch out for. Items to avoid: • excessive meat off the bone—not balanced • excessive vegetables—not balanced  Wo r k Wo n d e r s • small pieces of bone—can be swallowed whole and get stuck • cooked bones—can get stuck. g. potatoes and bread—associated with bloat • onions and garlic—toxic to pets and can produce anemia • grapes and raisins—toxic for pets and can lead to kidney disease • fruit pits (stones) and corn cobs—get stuck in the bowel • milk—associated with diarrhea; animals drink it whether thirsty or not and consequently get fat; milk sludge sticks to teeth and gums • chocolate—toxic for dogs (beware at Easter and Christmas; keep chocolate away from curious canines) • mineral and vitamin additives—create imbalance Cooked products claiming to be ‘natural’ Oft repeated propaganda takes hold in people’s minds, hence the repetition of the word ‘natural’ in processed pet-food ads.

Young children are less able to read warning signals and should never be allowed to disturb feeding pets. No matter the size of your dog, if it bites it can do harm. My own dogs know not to threaten me and accept that they must give up their food at times of my choosing. Start your young puppies early and you should experience little difficulty training them to both receive and relinquish their food. But if you own a large, dominant or aggressive dog then take extra care. Professional dog trainers can advise.

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