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By Nigel Steel

Gallipoli tells of the disastrous crusade at Gallipoli in 1915 whilst the allies did not knock Turkey out of the battle. With then and now images the publication offers designated historic descriptions of the realm and the occasions, all of as a way to entice the armchair historian and the intrepid customer to the websites. it's going to turn out an imperative better half.

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On all three stages of the campaign a curtain has since fallen of peace and serenity. Beneath its heavy velvet the great and bloody energy of the campaign lies smothered, while along the sorrowful course of the cemeteries’ trees dark shadows move upon the stage like ghosts abroad determined to keep alive the spirits of the dead. For Gallipoli has not yet been able to overcome its sense of haunted unrest. At Helles, and to a large extent at Suvla, where the ground is generally flat, farms have re-established themselves as they have in France and Flanders.

New metalled roads started to appear. At first they linked the villages that were spread across the south-western half of the peninsula. But gradually the network was extended further into the hinterland, reaching out to formerly inaccessible points that no-one had been able to visit regularly since 1915. Houses were also built, particularly across the open bowl above V Beach at Cape Helles and the attractive strip of coastline running south from Suvla Bay. Retrospective memorials, bigger and more bombastic than the original, modest, obelisks that they often replaced, were thrust up.

A modest obelisk in a fenced enclosure stood for many years near the spot where he and his men held their position. But when that fell down it was replaced in 1992 by a powerful statue that shows him leading a bayonet charge against the advancing men of the 29th Division. Around the base of the new memorial a ring of reconstructed trenches have been sited and, although artificial, from them it is possible to see with chilling clarity the strength of the Turkish positions that faced the men of the Fusilier battalions as they assaulted the beach beside the River Clyde.

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