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By John H. Tullock

The authoritative info and suggestion you would like, illustrated all through with full-color photographs--now revised and redesigned to be much more reader-friendly! often called the ''Siamese struggling with Fish,'' the gorgeous Betta, with shiny colours and lengthy fins (in males), has mesmerizing attractiveness and style. but Bettas can struggle and chunk, so you should preserve only one in a tank. This advisor is helping you with every thing from getting ready to your Betta to protecting an atmosphere the place it's going to thrive. It covers: * constructing an attractive aquarium * vegetation for the Betta tank * settling on non-aggressive tankmates * retaining a fit tank and fit fish * Feeding your Betta * Breeding your Betta preserving a Betta is the suitable creation to holding tropical fish, a soothing, lucrative pastime everybody can take pleasure in.

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The slender, brick red body has a black spot just behind the gill cover and another, larger black spot below the dorsal fin. Seldom exceeding an inch in length, the Pygmy Rasbora (R. maculatus) is also a perfect tankmate. Peaceful, it schools among plants in ponds and ditches. The red-orange body is marked with three black spots: one behind the gill cover, another near the anus, and the third at the base of the tail fin. Blue Gourami (Trichogaster trichopterisi) Close relatives of the Betta, Gouramis require the same aquarium care.

Rasboras, Catfish, and Loaches are all egglayers. with relish. Temperature and pH requirements are the same as for Bettas, making them good choices for tankmates. • • • The Harlequin Rasbora (R. heteromorpha) turns up in almost every dealer’s inventory from time to time. Pinkish-orange body coloration is accented by a black triangle at the base of the tail and the red-orange dorsal fin. Another relatively common species, the Scissortail Rasbora (R. trilineata) has a torpedo-shaped body. Its silvery scales have dark edges.

Powerheads can be adjusted to regulate the speed of water currents produced. The outlet often swivels to direct the water flow as desired. With this arrangement, the substrate itself is the filter medium. Oxygenated water flowing through the gravel brings ammonia to the beneficial bacteria living on every grain. Mechanical filtration results when debris becomes trapped in the gravel bed. A reverse-flow undergravel filter draws water through a mechanical filter, then passes it back down the uplift tubes to be distributed throughout the aquarium after it is pushed up through the gravel bed.

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