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By Q. Bone

Fishes shape the most important team of vertebrates, with round 20,000 identified species, and so they exhibit a outstanding variety of measurement, form, inner constitution and ecology to deal with environments starting from brief puddles to the abyssal depths of the ocean. existence in water ends up in specific difficulties for physique fluid rules, locomotion and sensory structures, and those were resolved within the such a lot inventive methods. This textbook could be of curiosity to scholars of fish biology and any of the branches of aquatic biology. The booklet additionally offers a practicable overview of fish biology for skilled biologists.

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Sarcopterygii. Lungfish (Dipnoi). 15) from a group that appeared in the Devonian and was widespread in the Palaeozoic. Modern lungfish are in several ways specialised and simplified versions of their more completely ossified ancestors. The Australian Neoceratodus is the most heavily ossified of living forms and although there are differences in the skull and toothplates, resembles what is known of the Triassic Ceratodus. It is covered with large overlapping scales, the notochord is large and unconstricted and the girdles and fin skeletons are cartilaginous.

Most sturgeons live in the oceans or in large inland seas and lakes, ascending rivers only to breed where they attach their sticky eggs to the bottom after external fertilisation. The spiny larvae which hatch spend a year or more in the river after metamorphosis and only then pass down out of the river. Sturgeons are of economic importance for their roe (caviar) and isinglass extracted from the swim bladder is used in fining beer. The Mississippi paddle fish (Polyodon) filters plankton from the water with a gill raker sieve, but the Chinese Psephurus feeds on fish and crabs, which it catches with its protrusible jaws.

Sears Fndn. Mar. , 1, part 6,1; and Ebeling and Weed (1973) Mem. Sears Fndn. Mar. , 1, part 6,397. 6 Deep benthic fishes (not to same scale). (a) tripod fish (Bathypterois grallator); (b) tripod fish (B. bigelowi) in fishing attitude; (c) seasnail (Careproctus); (d) lizard fish (Bathysaurus). After Marshall (1979) Developments in deep-sea biology, Blandford Press; Mead (1966) Mem. Sears Fndn. Mar. , 1, part 5, 19, and Marshall (1971). FISHES AND THEIR HABITATS 31 Benthic fishes. ) on stiff elongate fin-rays, sitting aligned into the currents that bring zooplankton to their mouths.

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