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By Victor Pride writer Victor Pride's advisor to bodybuilding method, attitude and diet.
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Pictured: One Arm Pullups Page 52 MULTI FINGER CHINUPS (SUPPLEMENTAL) Multi-fingered chin-ups are great for hand, wrist and forearm development and strength. To perform multi-fingered chin-ups you will use different fingers in each hand. For example, use only your first 3 digits on each hand and don’t use your pinkies. Pictured: Multi-Fingered Chinups Continue using as many variations of fingers as you can. Supreme chinup masters can do these with only one finger per hand. Page 53 ROWS Chinups are for back width, rows are for back thickness.

FRONT SQUATS (MAIN) Front squats are performed with the barbell resting across your upper chest and shoulders rather than across your back. Front squats are excellent for full body strength and muscle development. They put more emphasis on the quadriceps (the front part of your thighs) and less emphasis on your glutes and hamstrings than a traditional squat does. Pictured: Front Squats Set up a barbell on a squat rack or power rack. You will lay the barbell across your upper chest and shoulders.

Pictured: Dumbbell Rows Bottom Position Page 58 Pictured: Dumbbell Rows Top Position Page 59 PULLOVERS (SUPPLEMENTAL) Pullovers are a back exercise and they are very good for obtaining a nice v-taper shape. Grab a moderately heavy dumbbell, lie sideways across a bench, lower the dumbbell behind your head and back up again. Aim for 8-12 repetitions. Pullovers are a shaping exercise and do not need to be performed super heavy. Pictured: Pullovers Top Position Page 60 Pictured: Pullovers Bottom Position THE BACK The back is comprised of many different muscle groups.

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