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Once power increases to a point where 5th stage pressure becomes adequate, use of 9th stage air is discontinued, and 5th stage air is used exclusively. THRUST REVERSERS NOTE: For this simulation, reversers are engaged / stowed by using the assigned keystroke, or joystick / yoke button assigned to this task. Use of click spots to engage the reversers is not possible. Stowing the reversers after operation is possible by increasing power slightly past idle, using either the throttle itself, via mouse operation, or via keystroke or a separate hardware throttle assembly that the user may have installed.

The forward outflow valve closes automatically to assist in maintaining cabin pressure when the main outflow valve is almost closed or when the recirculation fan is operating. Electronic Cabin Pressure Controller Pressurization can be controlled using any one of four modes that can be selected by the pilot. They are: AUTO: Automatic, this is the normal mode of operation, and it uses the AC motor to control the outflow valve. STBY: Semiautomatic. This is a standby system used in the event of AUTO failure, and it uses the DC motor.

The engines may be started with pressurized air from the APU, from a ground service cart or other source, or by using engine cross-bleed. The Engine Start Switch in GRD position uses DC power from the battery bus to close the engine bleed air valve, open the starter valve and allow air from the pneumatic manifold to rotate the starter. When the starter valve is opened, the amber START VALVE OPEN Light, located just above the EIS will illuminate. The starter is an air driven turbine motor, which rotates the N2 compressor via the accessory drive gear system.

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