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Download Burning Empires (Battlefront Minatures) by Peter Simunovich, John-Paul Brisigotti, Mike Haught PDF

By Peter Simunovich, John-Paul Brisigotti, Mike Haught

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J Med Chem 50, 409–24. 38. , and Gray, N. S. (2006) Rational design of inhibitors that bind to inactive kinase conformations. Nat Chem Biol 2, 358–64. 39. Johnson, L. N. (2009) The regulation of protein phosphorylation. Biochem Soc Trans 37, 627–41. 40. , and Kuriyan, J. (2002) The conformational plasticity of protein kinases. Cell 109, 275–82. 41. , and Ghosh, G. (2004) Regulation of protein kinases; controlling activity through activation segment conformation. Mol Cell 15, 661–75. 42. , and Neuwald, A.

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