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Download Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Dinosaur Bones by David A. Adler PDF

By David A. Adler

The Cam Jansen books are ideal for younger readers who're making the transition to bankruptcy books, and Cam is a spunky younger heroine whom readers have enjoyed for over 20 years. Now the 1st ten books within the sequence have up-to-date covers that deliver new existence to those perennial best-sellers. outdated enthusiasts and new readers will love Cam's cool, smooth glance!

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Cam and Eric walked their bicycles to the front of the candy store. They waited for the museum director. Soon a car drove up and stopped in front of the store. The car was just like the museum exhibits—very old. The director was at the wheel. He waved to Cam and Eric. They got on their bicycles. The director followed them in his car to the small brick house with the white wooden fence. The milk truck was in the driveway again. “This is it,” Cam told the director. “You don’t have to worry about the bones,” the director said.

And look at that tail. ” “This is the skeleton of a Coelophysis,” the guide said. “Seel-o-fy-sis,” she said again slowly. ” “I do,” Cam said. Everyone turned to look at Cam. They were surprised that she knew about the Coelophysis. Ms. Benson had never mentioned it when she taught the class about dinosaurs. Cam had read about the Coelophysis. She wanted to remember exactly what the book said. ” When Cam said, “Click,” the guide started to laugh. She covered her mouth with her hand. “The Coelophysis,” Cam said with her eyes still closed, “was one of the first dinosaurs.

Then let’s go get it,” the woman said. The Milkman walked through the open door and into the house. “They’ll probably use the plaster of Paris to make a copy of the bone,” Cam said. ” Eric asked. ” Cam added. Cam and Eric stopped talking. They heard the front door of the house open and then slam shut. After a few minutes Cam whispered, “I didn’t hear the truck drive away, but they should be gone by now. ” Cam walked quietly. Eric followed her. Cam peeked out past the edge of the garage wall. She saw that the truck was still in the driveway.

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