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This booklet has accumulated a few distinct works on card layout from the wonderful designers around the world. The exact card layout initiatives discuss with the layout of invites, greeting playing cards, promotional fabrics and others. Designers hire beautiful portraits, a variety of fabrics and strategies to create a colourful global of the cardboard layout. plenty of vintage initiatives during this ebook have provided the designers' never-ending creativity!

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Volver a creer” means “to believe again” in Spanish, which is what the couple did when they decided to tie the knot. Our inspiration came from old fashion Latin American love, where handkerchiefs where given to the girl as a reminder of the boy. 02%。截至8月9日15时,A股 Design Agency: Gen Design Studio Production Date: 2009 Creative Director: Leandro Veloso Art Director: Designer: Rui Malheiro Client: AAUM Photography: Leandro Veloso Nationality: Portugal 设计机构:LLdesign设计工作室 完成时间:2008年 创意总监:洛雷拉·皮尔迪卡 艺术总监:洛雷拉·皮尔迪卡 设计师:洛雷拉·皮尔迪卡 客户:洛雷拉·皮尔迪卡 摄影师:洛雷拉·皮尔迪卡 国家:意大利 Design Agency: Wallnut Studio Production Date: 2009 Creative Director: Art Director: Designer: Cristina Londoño Client: VICKY & FRANCIS Photography: Alfonso Posada Nationality: USA 设计机构:LLdesign设计工作室 完成时间:2008年 创意总监:洛雷拉·皮尔迪卡 艺术总监:洛雷拉·皮尔迪卡 设计师:洛雷拉·皮尔迪卡 客户:洛雷拉·皮尔迪卡 摄影师:洛雷拉·皮尔迪卡 国家:意大利 CARD DESIGN 074 075 Wedding Invitation 时装秀 Wedding Design Agency: Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Carsten Prenger Art Director: Designer: Carsten Prenger Client: Photography: Carsten Prenger Nationality: Germany 时装秀 Design Agency: Production Date: 2010 Creative Director: Beki Bessi Karavil Art Director: Designer: Beki Bessi Karavil Client: Teresa Lombardi e Paolo Venditti Photography: Beki Bessi Karavil Nationality: Italy The invitation was printed directly inside the envelop - closed by a sticker the green color coordinates the hole wedding project–I designed the invitation, the small book for the pray in the church and the box of sweets.

Printed on heavy weight, 100% cotton paper. Each card is run through the letterpress two times, one for each color. A lighthearted, cheerful way to wish a Happy Birthday. 02%。截至8月9日15时,A股市场、中国台北股 Design Agency: Paper Lovely Production Date: 2011 Creative Director: Kim Burks Art Director: Designer: Kim Burks Client: Photography: Kim Burks Nationality: USA 设计机构:LLdesign设计工作室 完成时间:2008年 创意总监:洛雷拉·皮尔迪卡 艺术总监:洛雷拉·皮尔迪卡 设计师:洛雷拉·皮尔迪卡 客户:洛雷拉·皮尔迪卡 摄影师:洛雷拉·皮尔迪卡 国家:意大利 Hey You! 02%。截至8月9日15时,A股市场、中国台北股 市、日本股市、韩国股市已收盘,其中,A股市场早盘低开逾 Hand letterpress printed in Santa Barbara using a Kelsey Excelsior Press.

02%。截至8月9日15时,A股市场、中国台北股 市、日本股市、韩国股市已收盘,其中,A股市场早盘低开逾 2%,但午后强势反弹,沪指收复2500点关口,最终收报2526点, It is always hard to design something for oneself. But it can be fun as well – our wedding invitation, which I did in collaboration with my wife. 市场早盘低开逾2%,但午后强 势反弹,沪指收复2500点关 口,最终收报2526点,微跌 CARD DESIGN Invitation Card CARD DESIGN 076 Design Agency: Farah Assir Production Date: 2009 Creative Director: Farah Assir Art Director: Designer: Farah Assir Client: Yazan and Siwar Demashkieh Photography: Farah Assir Nationality: Lebanon Greeting Card 077 Design Agency: Graphic Design Studio by Yurko Gutsulyak Production Date: 2007 Creative Director: Yurko Gutsulyak Art Director: Designer: Yurko Gutsulyak Photography: Yurko Gutsulyak Nationality: Ukraine 设计机构:LLdesign设计工作室 完成时间:2008年 创意总监:洛雷拉·皮尔迪卡 艺术总监:洛雷拉·皮尔迪卡 Wine Card 时装秀 设计师:洛雷拉·皮尔迪卡 摄影师:洛雷拉·皮尔迪卡 国家:意大利 The Y and S from the couple's names are intertwined to form a monogram that can be applied across the collateral.

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