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By Timothy Bradley

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Titanosaurus Page 17 Lambeosaurus Could dinosaurs see in color? This young Lambeosaurus (lam-bee-o-SAWR-us) has found a nice snacka flowerpot full of bright, colorful pansies. Paleontologists have found fossilized molds of the brains of some dinosaurs. The size and structure of some dinosaur brains indicates that they had well-developed eyes, which were able to see colors. What good is color vision? Some dinosaurs may have been brightly colored or had bold skin patterns, which could be used as signals to other dinosaursfor communication among members of a herd, or as a warning to other kinds of dinosaurs to keep away.

These traces of dinosaurs were buried so long they became fossilized, which made them become as hard as stone. To picture what dinosaurs were like when they lived, paleontologists (people who study dinosaurs and other prehistoric life forms) use their imaginations to make sense of all the fossil traces left behind. They can figure out how big some dinosaurs were, what some of them liked to eat, and how fast others could run. To picture what it would be like to have a dinosaur for a pet, you'll need to use your imagination!

Page 4 Where do baby dinosaurs come from? The same as today's birds and reptiles, most baby dinosaurs hatched from eggs. Preserved dinosaur nests with eggs and eggshells have been found in many parts of the world. Some of those eggs contain fossilized baby dinosaurs. Eggs protect the baby inside and also contain enough food for the baby to grow. The eggshell also lets air in, so the baby can get oxygen. But, even though eggs are good protection, they still can use some looking after. They need to be kept warm, but not too warm, and they need shelter from things like bad weather and animals that might like to eat them.

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