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Download Carrier Battle in the Philippine Sea: The Marianas Turkey by Barrett Tillman PDF

By Barrett Tillman

Well known aviation historian, Barrett Tillman, has performed a concise but exhaustive activity of study of the famed Marianas Turkey Shoot, the best air conflict of the Pacific conflict. as a result of intensive interviews a lot of the tale is instructed by way of members. those fascinating money owed are augmented through Tillman's research. this huge structure publication additionally offers either U.S. army and eastern order of conflict right down to squadron point for either service and shore established airplane. One map, forty seven black and white images. Six brush profiles of Hellcats, Avengers, Dauntlesses, Zeros, Judys and Vals (all via John Valo) supply a wealth of visible historical past. ultimate appendices offer losses and U.S. army aerial strive against claims for this ancient engagement of provider plane. forty eight pages, forty seven b/w photographs, six airplane profiles, appendices, 8.5x11 inches, softcover.

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