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By Chamberlain Bros

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Grasp head as shown. Bend neck to right and then Repeat several times. Remember to exhale while bending forward and to the left. When as far to right and inhale when stretching backwards. left as you can go, make a few attempts to bend neck farther. Exercise No. 3. (Neck) Similar to previous exercise except the head is bent to left and then to right, make sure to resist strongly with hand. Exercise No. 1. (Kidneys) With the edges of your hands, chop the entire region of the back, as far as you can reach.

This freshens the face and gives a rich ruddy glow of radiant health. After this, pull the face into all manner of contortions, remembering exercise always helps toward perfection. It reduces fat cheeks and builds up hollow ones. Give the face the careful consideration it deserves. Next Lesson I shall give you the Dynamic-Tension way of getting a strong, powerful back. P A G E 4 All materials and photographs contained in the DYNAMIC-TENSION® bodybuilding and fitness course are © 2000 Charles Atlas, Ltd.

EXERCISE 2 - With the right arm down at the side and slightly to the rear, place the left hand in the right palm from behind and bring up the right hand towards the shoulder, resisting with the left hand. This is one of the most powerful exercises for developing the biceps. Practice it so that the left arm gets its full share of work. Repeat until tired. EXERCISE 3 - Grasp the hands together in front, and grip tightly, slowly bringing the right hand as high as you can to the shoulder. This will be resisted by the left hand.

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