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By Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Maurice Merleau-Ponty is among the few significant phenomenologists to interact commonly with empirical examine within the sciences, and the single one to envision baby psychology with rigor and in such intensity. His writings have lately turn into more and more influential, because the findings of psychology and cognitive technological know-how tell and are proficient by way of phenomenological inquiry.


Merleau-Ponty’s Sorbonne lectures of 1949 to 1952 are a wide research into baby psychology, psychoanalysis, pedagogy, phenomenology, sociology, and anthropology. They argue that the topic of kid psychology is important for any philosophical try to comprehend person and intersubjective lifestyles. Talia Welsh’s new translation offers Merleau-Ponty’s whole lectures at the seminal engagement of phenomenology and psychology.

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Since the possession of language depends on the integration of phonemes, inversely aphasia should result in a destruction of the phonemic system. In all pure aphasiacs, Jakobson establishes a regular disintegration of this system, often accompanied by a provisional reequilibration. (For example, he observed a Czech who lost the distinction between long and short vowels. Since the Czech language places the tonic accent on the first syllable, this patient compensated for his inability by putting the tonic accent on the penultimate syllable.

It is according to its own usage that the author forces the acceptance of the sense for which he uses a new term. The signification of what the author proposes is therefore an open signification, without which there would be no acquisition on the level of thought. 45 Until now, we have considered language acquisition concerning the infant's first words; the infant has acquired the means to designate objects in their absence. But only objects that can be given in sensible experience have been considered.

These are, so to speak, signs of the first order. They do not relate to things, like words, but to words themselves. But since the phonemes are the element that differentiates words and since words relate to objects, disorders in the phonemic system often have the same aspect and result in language disorders: homonymy. Jakobson takes the example of two German words: Rippe [ribs] and Lippe [lips]. The only phoneme which differentiates Rippeirom Lippeis the / r / . Two disorders are possible: (1) the patient cannot distinguish the /I/ from the / r / ; he has to use the same word for both things; (2) the patient has lost the meaning of the words.

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