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Download Childrens Phantasies: The Shaping of Relationships by Otto Weininger PDF

By Otto Weininger

His publication is an end result of a very vast and wealthy adventure. He observes very sensitively and exhibits how his knowing of subconscious phantasy can throw gentle on such a lot varied actions and relationships.-Hanna Segal, from her foreword

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He might hug his parents but would then scream at them, trying to bite them. As the parents put it, 'We've tried everything, we've been easy with him, we've been firm with him. We have punished him and even given him spankings; we tried to punish him by not feeding him, we've tried to get him thingeyou might say we have been inconsistent, but we have stuck to one approach for a time, and nothing has worked. ' It seemed that Sam could not master any degree of anxiety; whenever he felt any anxiety brought on by internal or external factors, he lashed out and tried to destroy, as if he were trying to destroy the source of the anxiety.

She replaced the oil pastel, and some other pastels popped up as she tried to fit the one back in. Kate then said, 'See. ' In another instance, a child of four said that he was going to put a plastic monkey into the box and close the box tightly with tape. ' He was splitting off the aspect of the internal objects, which he phantasized as preventing him from doing what he wanted. Based on this play and on what I understood about this child, I interpreted to him that as I did not seem to be the kind, playing monkey he wanted, he did not want me to be with him because he was angry with me and I might be dangerous.

A great deal of the child's emotional energy was compulsively directed to maintaining the splitting both of the object and the ego, and in turn less energy was available for relationships. An example of a more complex manifestation of splitting occurred in the context of an adult's relationship to the therapist. A young woman of 30 in treatment with me became very angry at me and accused me of not really being interested in her. She complained that I was callously ignoring her painful physical symptoms, which she had been experiencing for many months.

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