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By Michael Lynch

Provide your scholars the easiest likelihood of luck with this attempted and demonstrated sequence, combining in-depth research, enticing narrative and accessibility. entry to heritage is the most well-liked, relied on and wide-ranging sequence for A-level heritage students.

This title:
- helps the content material and review specifications of the 2015 A-level background specifications
- comprises authoritative and fascinating content
- contains thought-provoking key debates that research the opposing perspectives and ways of historians
- offers exam-style questions and suggestions for every suitable specification to aid scholars know how to use w hat they've got learnt

This name is appropriate for a number of classes including:
- AQA: The Transformation of China, 1937-1997
- Edexcel: Mao's China, 1949-76

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In compensation, it received a large Franco-Russo-German payment. But Liaodong was not returned to China; Russia immediately occupied the province, a move that enraged Japan and led within a decade to the Russo­ Japanese War. For China, the dismal outcome of the triple intervention was that it whetted the appetite of the foreign powers for more Chinese territory. The Boxer Uprising 1898-1900 I � What was the character of the Boxer movement? � Why did it fail in its objectives? I I By 1900, a number of factors had combined to produce an internal Chinese movement protesting against foreign domination.

The Tianjin Massacre 1870 The incident began with a series of attacks on missions in Tianjin in which priests and nuns were assaulted. The attacks were occasioned by rumours that the missionaries were paying local gangs to abduct Chinese children, who were then forcibly baptised and held in the Catholic orphanages. After three of the supposed Chinese kidnappers had been arrested and two of them executed, Chapter 2 The opening of China to foreigners 1860- 1 90 I a crowd surrounded the Catholic cathedral, smashing windows and demanding that the missionaries be arrested.

A major reaction to the increasing Western intrusion into China was the development of a 'self-strengthening' movement, which aimed at introducing economic reforms as a means of preventing further foreign dominance. The movement, which operated in the last four decades of the nineteenth century, was nominally led by the Manchu government, although in reality the Qing were not genuine lovers of reform. The reason the royal court appeared to be progressive was that it was led by the Dowager Empress Cixi, the real power behind the throne, who was prepared to go along with the notion of reform since it provided a cover for her desire to hit back at the West.

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