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Download China Business: The Rules of the Game by Carolyn Blackman PDF

By Carolyn Blackman

Utilizing real-life tales and events, the writer vividly describes the enterprise reports of international executives and their businesses in China--and the issues which are frequently saved hidden. Informative, candid, and enjoyable, she unlocks the main ''rules of the game'' together with: the character of banquets, incidence of sharp practices, corruption related to officers, sharing strength in joint ventures, introducing turn into the place of work, and respectable interference. A needs to learn for westerners doing enterprise with China.

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Au 92 CHANDOS STREET ST LEONARDS NSW 2065 6 140 × 215 A lot to learn 7 expected to sing. It means you are playing the game. This is a manifestation of a collectivist society where people are expected to put group participation and solidarity before individual preferences. The host, to show his status as a generous host and his regard for the enjoyment of his guests, may provide call girls. They will be available to pour the wine, share jokes and for more intimate entertainments later in the night.

Self-protection is necessary in the serious toasting. The executive’s insistence that all his ‘friends’ share in those toasts directed exclusively at himself is a good strategy. It accepts the local custom, but it does not put him at a disadvantage. Duty is seen to be done, and the rules are accorded with. The challenges of distribution and contracting were met by our Western executives in a similar manner: they found out how the local system worked and then tried to find ways around it. In this they are advantaged by the opening up of the Chinese economy to private enterprise.

So far, so good. I will now let one executive tell of his experience. ‘Once they said, “We are bringing along Mr X. He is the big boss man of the corporation. ” They kept saying what a great drinker he was, how he could drink everyone under the table. I thought, “No way, fellas. ” ‘When we got to the banquet, the “great drinker” turned out to be about five feet [152 centimetres] tall, seven stone [45 kilograms], and twenty years older than I was. I thought there was no way he could beat me, given my body weight and experience in drinking.

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