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Download China Under the Empress Dowager: The History of the Life and by J. O. P. Bland, Edmund Trelawny Backhouse, Derek Sandhaus PDF

By J. O. P. Bland, Edmund Trelawny Backhouse, Derek Sandhaus

One of the most well-liked and arguable chinese language background books ever written, this account explores the Forbidden urban in the course of the reign of Empress Dowager Cixi (1861–1908). wonderful and enlightening, this list examines an international of power-thirsty eunuchs, concubines, and Mandarins. packed with intrigue, sour antagonism, and ruthless reprisals and predicting the autumn of the Qing dynasty, this heritage is seriously in response to chinese language resource fabrics, a few of which can were fabricated.

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P Bland and Edmund Backhouse’s China under the Empress Dowager. This unique look inside the scintillating and treacherous court life of China’s last great despot, the Empress Dowager Cixi, appeared at just the right moment in history. In 1910, ten years after the Boxer Rebellion and two years after the death of Cixi, the Chinese Empire was on the verge of collapse and all eyes were on China. At a time when readers were hungry for news of the Middle Kingdom, this book gave them all that and more, providing a fresh perspective on China’s previous fifty years with thrilling anecdotes from the court and newly translated first-hand accounts.

When, in January 1902, the Empress Dowager returned from exile by railway from Cheng-ting fu, she gained great kudos from the orthodox by declining to enter the capital by the Hankow railway line, because that line ran close to her parents’ graves, and it would have been a serious breach of respect to their memory to pass the spot without reverently alighting to make obeisance. She therefore changed her route, entering Peking from the south, to the great admiration of all her people. Of Yehonala’s childhood there is little to record except that among her youthful playmates was a kinsman, Jung Lu, who in after years was to play so prominent a part in many a crisis of her career.

By all official precedent, Tseng Kuo-fan was not available for service, being in mourning for his mother, but it was ever Yehonala’s opinion that precedents were meant to be subordinate to the State and not the State to precedents, wherein lies the mark of the born ruler. In August 1855 the widow of Tao-Kuang died and Yehonala, in recognition “of her dutiful ministrations,” was raised to the rank of “P’in,” her colleague Sakota having in the meanwhile become Empress Consort. ” All over the Empire rebellion was rife; the sovereign himself was a weak debauchee, incapable of inspiring either loyalty or affection in his people.

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