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By Damien Harper

Realize China's SouthwestFollow your shadow floating over limestone peaks on a Guangxi ballooning voyage.Hike Tiger jumping Gorge to the snowcapped mountaintops of Haba Shan through the Jinsha River.Savour the Yin and Yang of highly spiced, scorching or soaked-in-soy Southwest delicacies.Get stuck up within the dancing on the vivid Miao Lusheng Festival.In This GuideFive intrepid authors, 220 days of in-country study, 157 bus rides and one rotting yak's head.Includes attractive new locations no longer lined in the other English-language guidebook.Chapters devoted to gateway towns (Beijing, Honk Kong and Shanghai), minority cultures and event actions.

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It offers a hearty dose of salt and fat during the winter months and is something of a lifesaver for the Tibetans. But I’d rather I be given my English Breakfast any day. Apparently I’m not so seasoned after all. I looked at my travelling companion and knew from his bulging eyes and puckered cheeks that he was finding his beverage as challenging as I was. What to do? Our hostess turned her back and ‘pling’ went a chunk of yak butter, torpedoed into the fire by my friend. ‘Pling. ’ The fire sputtered and sizzled but kicked up little fuss.

A mammoth bike journey can be undertaken from Kūnmíng in Yúnnán to Chéngdū in Sìchuān. The possibilities are countless, including cycling from Yúnnán into Guìzhōu and then on to Guǎngxī; naturally the rest of China lies beyond. com for recommended cycling routes in the region. Roads in China’s Southwest are generally in good condition, but be prepared for the worst wherever you go. Be aware that lorries (trucks) and cars in China can drive very dangerously. Equipping yourself with a provincial map in Chinese is essential for showing locals to get directions, and for following road signs.

Net), dedicated to caving in China and which has mounted numerous expeditions to caves around Chóngqìng and throughout Sìchuān, Yúnnán and Guǎngxī. com). Its website is Chinese only at present, but you may be able to get in touch with an English speaker. com). The company takes teams into karst caves around Lèyè County and Fèngshān County in Guǎngxī province. CLIMATE CYCLING China’s Southwest has some of the land’s best year-round climate. That said, you want to pick and choose carefully if arriving in the off season.

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