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By Kenny Rogers

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Most public officials are merely misinformed, but at least a few seemingly operate out of a purposeful and hostile agenda to eradicate Jesus from the public celebration of Christmas. It is important for Christians to realize that the Constitution does not require the complete separation of church and state. s First Amendment actually requires the government to be neutral toward both religious and non-religious citizens. It especially does not require the government to be hostile towards religion in general or towards Christianity in particular.

Death and resurrection was the most important Christian holiday of the year. s martyrdom reported in the Book of Acts. D. Even at that time, the precise date of Jesus? birth was unknown. , the church officially declared a feast celebrating the birth of the Savior on December 25th, the shortest day of the year. The date was chosen at least in part to compete with pagan Saturnalia celebrations of the birth of the sun, sometimes called the Winter Solstice. Among European Germanic and Celtic tribes who were converting to Christianity, the winter solstice was celebrated as an entirely secular, profane, and vulgar event, but it was the most important commemoration of the year.

Jesus loves the little children? holiday? party. A senior citizen might tell any wise men who came seeking Jesus that carolers had long ago ceased walking through her neighborhood singing Christmas carols after some residents complained about the noise. She might mention that the city council had passed a noise ordinance that made door-to-door Christmas caroling illegal in residential neighborhoods. A store clerk might tell the wise men that all evidence of Jesus? birth had been removed from her workplace during the holidays because her employer feared customers might be offended and one employee had complained.

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