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By Kinley MacGregor

It's stated that Braden MacAllister, English baron and proud Highlander warrior, can fell an enemy with a unmarried blow -- and a girl with a unmarried kiss. yet now not Maggie, it sort of feels. For the fire-haired good looks, decided to finish the lengthy working feud that rages among their extended family and it is common foe, is proof against Branden's makes an attempt to forestall her foolishness. yet cease her he'll, as soon as he will get the meddling minx alone...and favors her with a passionate caress and an impossible to resist kiss. regardless of how she trembles underneath Braden's sensuous contact, Maggie mustn't ever yield! so long as this feud keeps, the lives of her brothers are at stake. And notwithstanding Braden is understood to have bedded many a lass, he has given his center to none. yet dare she dream that by means of assuring peace for her extended family she can also be claiming the main magnificient Highlander for herself?

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I’ve had enough of this. ” Maggie grabbed Pegeen’s arm as she started past her and held the woman by her side. ” Pegeen gestured back to the table where she’d sat earing, and to the old woman who had been sitting by her side. “I’m sick of Old Edna. She’s been doing nothing but clicking her teeth while she eats. I’m sick of it. ” “And I’m sick of not seeing my babes,” Merry chimed in from her seat in the left corner. “I haven’t seen my sons in so long, I’m afraid they’ll forget all about me. For all I know, Davis isn’t washing their clothes or their faces.

Lucky you,” Sin said dryly. ” Braden gave him a droll look. ” “Actually, I am, but that’s another conversation. Right now, we must stay focused. ” “Let me help,” Ewan said. Sin shook his head. “You’re too large to skulk about. ” Braden nodded his agreement. “He’s right about that. ” “Fine, then,” Ewan said resignedly. He looked at Sin. ” Sin asked sardonically. Braden snorted. ” Sin arched both his brows. ” Sin started away from them. When Sin reached the door of the kirk, he paused in the doorway and gave Braden a meaningful stare.

Braden took a deep breath as he regarded the sea of angry men. This was quickly getting out of hand. And if he didn’t stop it soon, there was no telling what they might do. Sweet Mother Mary, what had Maggie started? “Now let’s be reasonable for just a moment, men,” Braden tried again. “Killing Lochlan won’t get your women back. ” “Fine, then,” Fergus said. ” Braden roared. ” Fergus snorted as he raked a cold look over Braden’s body. “Is that a threat? ” Braden returned the cold glare with one of his own.

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