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Download Cold Steel: Technique of Close Combat by John Styers PDF

By John Styers

John Styers chilly metal: means of shut CombatБиблия рукопашного боя пехотинца. Рукопашный бой с ножом, палкой, безоружный бой, метание ножей. Простые и эффективные приемы.

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Your carbine is propped against a tree nearby. Your outfit is in the area but out of sight. You're alone, and you're intent on your job. You've been warned that there is the possibility of guerrilla activity and infiltration. Your knife is constantly at your side. It gives you a great deal of confidence, but your real assurance comes from your confidence in your own ability to save your own life with that knife by carving out a heavenly military career for your enemy in whatever particular Valhalla he happens to believe exists.

3/6/2008 COLD STEEL Page 63 of 136 4. Fingers extended and spread, ramming them into his eyes. B. Follow through of the Thrust Attack. The instant your initial blow has landed, you wheel in close, every weapon you have exploding on every target opening. If there is no target opening, MAKE ONE, keep battering and pounding. It will be impossible for your opponent to protect his COMPLETE body at once. This should give you incentive and confidence. , ALL at the same time. You will be forcing the attack, keeping your enemy off-balance and placing him iminedialely on the defensive; he will be so busy protecting himself that the choice of targets will be yours.

He'll kill you if you don't do something immediately to discourage him. CONFIDENCE in YOURSELF is your primary MENTAL attack. A bucketful of his wild zest will drain from him when he sees you plant yourself in the guard position and DEFY him. He'll stop in his tracks and think things over. You have won part of the mental duel. com). Please register to remove this message. 3/6/2008 COLD STEEL Page 51 of 136 physical bout has just begun. SIZE UP YOUR OPPONENT. You will be able to judge the EFFECTIVE RANGE of your opponent immediately by the way he holds his blade and the stance he takes.

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