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By Pui Lee

The evolution of Hong Kong, as a British colony and now a different Administrative area at China's door step, has consistently been inextricably intertwined with the placement in China. This dating is tested via a number of views during this volume.

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E. excluding boat people and New Territories villagers), 115 000 men were married but only 46 000 women were. 21 However, a larger number of people now settling in Hong Kong translates into unanticipated statistics in the census. For example, the census of 1921 noted that the number of married women THE COMMON PEOPLE IN HONG KONG HISTORY 21 compared to married men had increased slightly from 28 out of 100 in the married Chinese land population to 33 out of 100 in 1911, but explained this as the result of an increase in the number of widows residing in Hong Kong by 159 percent.

Even then, he noted that the masons and the matpackers were divided into two guilds, one for masters and the other for employees. 27 Details in a small collection of guild regulations (in Chinese and English translation) among the Clementi papers should bear out this conclusion. The masons and the shipbuilders were divided into guilds for masters (employers) and artisans (employees), such guilds being generally known respectively as dongjia hang (the eastern guilds) and xijia hang (western guilds).

A substantial portion of the 540 pages of a manual for Chinese people living in Hong Kong under the title, What Hong Kong Chinese People Must Know is made up of Chinese translation or summary of rules and regulations, ranging from the registration of schools and shops to application for the transport of corpses back to China. Not a word is included in it concerning employment. " On application from landlords and principal tenants, the Supreme Court could issue a "warrant of distress" to allow for the auction of goods and furniture on premises for which rent had not been paid.

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