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By Oberon Zell-Ravenheart

"I can’t give some thought to a greater, extra certified individual to jot down a guide for Apprentice Wizards. Oberon is a Wizard!" —Raymond Buckland Buckland’s entire ebook of Witchcraft we're happy to announce the approaching unlock of the better half quantity to Oberon Zell-Ravenheart’s Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard—Companion for the Apprentice Wizard. This new paintings is composed no longer a lot of informational classes and teachings, as with the Grimoire, yet fairly makes a speciality of sensible routines derived from them to increase psychic abilities, plus directions and templates for plenty of initiatives to make and do. If you’ve sought after hands-on magickal education this can be the publication you’ve been anticipating. Chapters are in accordance with the 16 Departments of Oberon’s gray tuition of Wizardry: Wizardry, Magickal perform, Nature reviews, Metapsychics, therapeutic, Wortcunning, Divination, Alchemy, Conjury, Lifeways, Beast Mastery, Mathemagicks, Cosmology, Ceremonial Magick, Lore, and darkish Arts inside of you can find fabrics and routines from the vaults of the gray college, and guideline by means of a number of the college in addition to from the headmaster himself, Oberon Zell-Ravenheart. step by step directions are supplied for: tips on how to make Fairie Wings the best way to make a Horned headscarf with deer antlers the way to make and use a Firebow monitoring animals as a magickal perform the way to make and use a sun clock, sun oven, hearth clock, a mild catcher, a sun stone, a celeb value gauge, and a move employees to degree the altitude of the celebrities the best way to make a Wizard’s employees how you can make a Wizard’s Cloak of Invisibility how you can make your individual amulets & talismans Smoke-weaving Potions for all reasons Conjury illusions and lighting tricks the right way to construct uncomplicated henges (wood and stone) and lots of different outstanding tasks… significant other for the Apprentice Wizard additionally contains a variety of hand drawn complete web page diagrams of magickal gadgets drawn utilizing the paintings sort of Leonardo da Vinci to repeat, lower out, and gather, together with: A version of Stonehenge A Planetary Hour Calculator A Magick Circle clock A winged Dragon A version of the mystic Pyramid A version of Leonardo da Vinci’s Ornithopter A version of the Milky method Gala Oberon Zell-Ravenheart is an elder within the all over the world magickal neighborhood, and has labored as a grade institution instructor and a kin and adolescence counselor. via his booklet of eco-friendly Egg journal over a interval of 30 years, Oberon was once instrumental within the founding of the fashionable Pagan circulate, which he so named. In 1970, he had a profound imaginative and prescient of the dwelling Earth that he released as an early model of "The Gaia Thesis." Oberon is an start up in numerous magickal traditions and has been interested in many interfaith initiatives. he's a theologian and ritualist, growing and accomplishing rites of passage, seasonal celebrations, secret Initiations, Earth-healings, and different huge rituals. Oberon has traveled in the course of the global, celebrated sun eclipses at historical stone circles, raised unicorns, and swum with mermaids within the Coral Sea. he's writer of the acclaimed Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard, and Headmaster of the net gray university of Wizardry. residing in Northern California! , Oberon additionally sculpts altar statues of gods and goddesses, and is lifemate to Morning Glory, his liked Witchy spouse of 32 years.

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However, just in case you should somehow find yourself out in the wilderness without one, a good Wizard should also know how to make fire from nothing. This is, after, our oldest magick! Marking a spark is easy; the trick is getting a fire from the spark! You will need special tinder: bonedry, finely-divided organic material that will catch the spark, ignite readily, and blaze into hot flame. In addition to the pre-made fire-starters that Moonwriter describes below, you can use mouse nests, birch bark curls, dry weed tops, cedar bark, scraped lint from cloth or cardboard, charred cloth, or cotton insulation from your jacket or sleeping bag.

To make yours, you will need 36” wide blanket material in a dark color that will make it hard to see at night (olive green, dark grey, indigo, Department III. Practice (gold) CUT AWAY SEW TOGETHER CUT AWAY 43 HOLE FOR TIE HOLE FOR TIE OPENING FOR NECK HOLE FOR TIE CUT AWAY 1/2 CUT AWAY brown, or black are common choices). You might even find a camouflage pattern! Measure from the top of your shoulder to the top of your foot, and double that length for each of two pieces. Then sew them together halfway up the length.

Fortunately, the skills of observation—like all of the other magickal skills you’re learning in your apprenticeship—can be practiced, and learned. As a backyard naturalist, you’ll learn that good observation is all about two things: patience and repetition. If you want to really see what goes on in a natural setting, you must be willing to spend a great deal of time and patience to do so. The best results are often gathered by finding a natural area and sitting motionless and silently, watching to see and hear what happens around you.

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