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Download Complete guide to fitness & health by Barbara Ann Bushman; American College of Sports Medicine PDF

By Barbara Ann Bushman; American College of Sports Medicine

Compiles key details at the significant components of workout, health, and well-being; presents the courses, ideas, and directions for secure and effective effects; and provides actions and courses for every age and health levels.

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Complete guide to fitness & health

Compiles key info at the significant parts of workout, health, and future health; presents the courses, rules, and instructions for secure and effective effects; and gives actions and courses for every age and health degrees.

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To assess flexibility completely, you would have to measure the range of motion of all major joints of the body. Over the years, one fitness test, called the sit-andreach test, has been developed to index flexibility. Using a yardstick and some tape, the test is simple enough to perform, but the results provide only a general overall score and do not take into account differences in limb length or differences in flexibility at the various joints involved. Nonetheless, because the sit-and-reach test involves many joints of the body, it is considered to be reasonably good for assessing general flexibility.

Heart rate can be measured from just about any artery of the body (see Where to Find Your Heart Beat for an explanation of the two most common sites). Resting heart rate is best assessed first thing the morning before you get out of bed. Be sure you have a stopwatch or clock nearby that displays time in seconds. Locate one of the arteries described previously, and simply count the number of Where to Find Your Heart Beat You can determine your heart rate by finding a location on your body where an artery (a blood vessel carrying blood from the heart to the rest of the body) is close to the surface of the skin so you can feel your pulse, which is the slight surge in blood flow that occurs when the heart contracts.

1 Using BMI and waist circumference provides indirect, but quick insight into body composition. Other more advanced measurements are also available but require consultation with a fitness professional. One method, for example, is skinfold measurements, which involve measuring “pinches” of fat just under the skin at various locations to estimate the overall amount of fat in the body. Another method is bioelectrical impedance, which estimates the amount of fat in the body by measuring the resistance to electrical flow through body tissues.

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