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By meremart

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We say meh. Some of us here at CGW have so many freakin’ hours logged in WOW now that it (almost) makes us sorry the damn thing exists. And if we have to do Uldaman one more time, we’re gonna spaz out. Please, somebody—anybody—give us an alternative to this game already. No hype, no budget, and before Steam, you’d be lucky to have even heard of Darwinia’s Tron-like look at computer life. Packed snugly into its 50MB frame are strategy, action, creativity, and surreal images you’ll remember longer than the latest HDR-lighting extravaganza.

Access to a whole lotta current and classic PC and console games. ” Sam & Max mastermind Steve Purcell lays it all out for us. 70 > COMPUTER GAMING WORLD and company? / —DAN CONNORS, CEO, TELLTALE GAMES Look for part-time therapist Sybil to exhibit a seriously short attention span when it comes to careers. In the first episode, she moonlights as a tattoo artist. SAM & MAX COVER STORY THROW US A FREAKIN’ BONE! Don’t forget about Telltale Games’ other episodic series, Bone (based on Jeff Smith’s award-winning comic series).

Monkey with allegedly have repercussions in later episodes. It’s time for me to eat a little crow: I, along with many critics, originally dinged Emergence for a content drought. When encountering multiple waves of the same armored baddies in a short six-hour ride, you can’t help but feel shortchanged. In retrospect, Emergence’s five different enemy types count for more than the one new kamikaze headcrab zombie we got in Half-Life 2: Episode One. However, Emergence’s scant three firearms—a handgun, an assault rifle, and a shotgun—are the unbuttered toast of FPS games.

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