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Download Controlled Release Polymeric Formulations by D.R. Paul, Frank W. Harris PDF

By D.R. Paul, Frank W. Harris

content material: Polymers in managed liberate expertise / D.R. Paul --
Structural components governing managed unencumber / C.E. Rogers --
managed unlock from erodible slabs, cylinders, and spheres / H.B. Hopfenberg --
value of solute partitioning at the kinetics of drug unlock from matrix platforms / T.J. Roseman and S.H. Yalkowsky --
Thermodynamics of managed drug unlock from polymeric supply units / Yie W. Chien --
managed unlock of desoxycorticosterone acetate from matrix-type silicone units : in vitro-in vivo correlation and lengthy high blood pressure animal version for cardiovascular reviews / Yie W. Chien, Howard J. Lambert, and Leonard F. Rozek --
Interfacing matrix unlock and membrane absorption-analysis of steroid absorption from a vaginal machine within the rabbit doe / G.L. Flynn, N.F.H. Ho, S. Hwang, E. Owada, A. Molokhia, C.R. Behl, W.I. Higuchi, T. Yotsuyanagi, Y. Shah, and J. Park --
managed free up of biologically energetic brokers / Seymour Yolles, Thomas Leafe, Mario Sartori, Mary Torkelson, Laird Ward, and Fred Boettner --
unencumber of inorganic fluoride ion from inflexible polymer matrices / B.D. Halpern, O. Solomon, L. Kopec, E. Korostoff, and J.L. Ackerman --
Fallopian tube cauterization via silver ion-polymer gels / Harry P. Gregor, H.T. Hsia, Sheila Palevsky, R.S. Neuwirth, and R.M.M. Richart --
managed liberate of delmadinone acetate from silicone polymer tubing : in vitro-in vivo correlations to diffusion version / John S. Kent --
Steroid unlock through cellulose acetate butyrate microcapsules / David L. Gardner, David J. Fink, Albert J. Patanus, William C. Baytos, and Craig R. Hassler --
managed unlock of quinidine sulfate microcapsules / George R. Somerville, John T. Goodwin, and Donald E. Johnson --
Characterization of microcapsules containing naltrexone or naltrexone pamoate / Curt Thies --
impact of cross-linking brokers at the unlock of sodium pentobarbital from nylon microcapsules / M.D. Degennaro, B.B. Thompson, and L.A. Luzzi --
New ideas within the software of managed unlock platforms to agriculture / Nathan F. Cardarelli --
improvement of box review of managed free up molluscicides : a growth file / Katherine E. Walker --
Polymers containing pendent herbicide substituents: initial hydrolysis reports / Frank W. Harris, Ann E. Aulabaugh, Robert D. Case, Mary okay. Dykes, and William A. Feld --
regulate of aquatic weeds through power intoxication / George E. Janes --
Organometallic polymers : improvement of managed unencumber antifoulants / Vincent J. Castelli and William L. Yeager --
functionality of low polymer fractions in releases from polymer fabrics / Max Kronstein --
Use of pheromones in insect keep an eye on courses : sluggish liberate formulations / B.A. Bierl, E.D. Devilbiss, and J.R. Plimmer --
managed liberate from hole fibers / E. Ashare, T.W. Brooks, and D.W. Swenson --
managed unencumber of pheromones via multi-layered polymeric dispensers / Agis F. Kydonieus, Inja okay. Smith, and Morton Beroza --
program of a brand new managed liberate idea in family items / A.F. Kydonieus, A.R. Quisumbing, and S. Hyman --
managed free up from ultramicroporous cellulose triacetate / A.S. Obermayer and L.D. Nichols.

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7) 4. ROSEMAN AND YALKOWSKY Solute 41 Partitioning Case I represents a z e r o - o r d e r r e l e a s e process where the amount r e ­ leased i s l i n e a r l y r e l a t e d to time and thus the r e l e a s e r a t e i s independent o f t i m e . In t h i s instance the major r e s i s t a n c e t o r e l e a s e r e s i d e s i n the boundary d i f f u s i o n l a y e r . Case I I i s an example o f a matrix c o n t r o l l e d k i n e t i c process where Q i s l i n e a r l y r e l a t e d to {t)h and dQ/dt decreases according to the i n v e r s e o f the square root o f t i m e .

113, Int'l. , Dayton, Ohio, 1975. (3) Allan, G. , Chopra, C. , Neogi, A. , and Wilkins, R. , Nature (1971), 234, p. 349. (4) Woodland, J . H. , Blake, D. , Myer, F. , J . Med. Chem. (1973), 16, p. 897. (5) Jackanicz, T. , Nash, Η. , Wise, D. , Gregory, J . , Contraception (1973), 8, p. 227. , Kildsig, D. , Banker, G. , J . Pharm. Sci. (1969), 58, p. 586. (7) Heller, J . and Baker, R. , U. S. Patent #3, 811, 444 (May, 1974). (8) Cooney, D. , AIChE J . , p. 446. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1976.

ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1976. /cm. ) = d i f f u s i o n c o e f f i c i e n t i n d i s s o l u t i o n medium (cm. ) 2 D = d i f f u s i o n c o e f f i c i e n t i n matrix phase (cm. / m i n . /cm. /cm. ) τ = tortuosity Differentiating Q with $ d • ™te = t 3 o^ 2(3 K + «C t)" 2 (Eq. 4) r 2 2 2 s 2AD where a = — ε — and 3 = Dh Αε - Τ Γ 5 — α Two l i m i t i n g cases o f equations 3 and 4 r e s u l t depending upon the magnitude o f the 3 K term: 2 2 2 2 Case I K i n e t i c s : 3 Κ » aC$ D C t -M a Q = dt Case II K i n e t i c s : 2 or h h (Eq.

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