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By Merline Lovelace

A strategic marriage to a strong Saracen lord with a penchant for virgins will let prosperous girl Jocelyn to maintain her castle domestic. yet at what rate? Her in simple terms desire of escaping the wicked lord's harem is to lose her virginity—and fast!Captured and tortured knight Simon de Rhys is in no place to refuse woman Jocelyn's proposition: his freedom for one evening together with her. the duty turns out easy, and deeply pleasant, till he discovers her secret….

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That it would be quickly done, and quickly put behind her? She had not reasoned this enforced mating through, she now realized. Obviously, it would require some effort on her part that she had not anticipated. Frowning, she cast back through her mind. She might be a virgin, but many of her ladies were wedded. She’d also overheard more than one giggling maid whispering to another. Such frank and often ribald talk of what one must sometimes do to bring a bedmate to hardness now burned in Jocelyn’s mind.

She’d also overheard more than one giggling maid whispering to another. Such frank and often ribald talk of what one must sometimes do to bring a bedmate to hardness now burned in Jocelyn’s mind. Apparently this one needed to see her naked to stiffen his lance. So be it. Naked she would get. Yet as she unwound the linen band that framed her face, her nerves were all ajangle and she could scarce draw breath. One night, she reminded herself fiercely. One night with this man was a hundred times, nay, ten thousand times better than a lifetime walled up with bored, idle women.

He was too weak from lack of sustenance to acquit himself in a full-pitched battle, but he could still swing his wrist chain in a deadly arc. He would not get far. Not in this crowded marketplace. Simon accepted that. But he would die fighting, as he’d sworn to do when he’d accepted the burden of his sire’s pledge. He had intertwined his fingers and was poised for attack when his new master issued a terse command. ” Simon blinked. Had he heard aright? Had the man addressed him in his own tongue?

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