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By Jayne Krentz

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She noted with a mocking, slanting glance. “Not a very subtly loaded question,” he accused easily. ” “I wouldn’t think of prying into your personal life,” she informed him aloofly, wishing it were the truth. She found herself very badly wanting to know about the other women in his world. The knowledge of her own inquisitiveness was thoroughly annoying and she would not give in to the temptation to press him on the issue. “I don’t see why not,” he observed carelessly, although she could hear the laughter in him.

But I don’t believe you’re really bad. You require a firm hand and some guidance from a man who sees through your magic even while he’s availing himself of it. ” Chapter 4 «^» Elissa closed her eyes against the astounding presumption of the man who still held her pinned against the couch and then she let her lashes flutter open very wide. ” she drawled very coolly. “I want you, Elissa,” he stated categorically. ” “The experience of getting yourself singed might be quite salutary,” she offered bitterly.

I won’t let you use your power to play with me,” he agreed steadily. ” Elissa smiled with charming menace. ” She waited, sea eyes full of the baiting, goading, daring feelings filling her body. “I wouldn’t say that,” he murmured with unruffled assurance, eyes gleaming. “We’ve already made great strides. Yesterday you wouldn’t even admit you wanted to control the men in your life. ” Elissa took a savage grip on her emotions, which seemed to be in chaos, and smiled brilliantly up at him. She would not let her ultimate goal of revenge slip out of sight, not when he held her like this and told her he could dominate her.

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