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By Sherryl Woods

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Captain Charles, Engineer of Charity: The remarkable life of Charles Gordon O'Neill

The intense saga of the colonial personality 'Captain' Charles Gordon O'Neill is instructed for the 1st time. An engineer, inventor, parliamentarian and philanthropist, Charles used to be a valuable co-founder of the St Vincent de Paul Society in Australia and New Zealand. Born of Irish mom and dad in Scotland in 1828, O'Neill travelled to the colonies in 1863 with riding ambition, matched by means of entrepreneurial imaginative and prescient.

Mixed Towns, Trapped Communities: Historical Narratives, Spatial Dynamics, Gender Relations and Cultural Encounters in Palestinian-israeli Towns (Re-Materialising Cultural Geography)

Sleek city areas are, by way of definition, combined. in lots of methods, their good fortune lies within the richness in their ethnic type and ongoing alternate of cultural features and concepts, yet this combination isn't really inevitably harmonious. Focusing no longer on capital towns or the holy websites that are so seriously linked to center jap city area, yet on Palestinian-Israeli combined cities, this e-book theorizes the connection among modernity, the concept that of the country and the dynamics which engender and represent the expansion of city areas.

Russian-German Special Relations in the Twentieth Century A Closed Chapter

Twentieth-century Europe, specifically important japanese Europe, has been mostly outlined by means of Russia and Germany. during this century, cultural and fiscal exchanges among the 2 nations have been as lively because the fires of hatred excessive. The smaller states in among, with their risky borders and inner minorities, suffered from the powers alliances and their antagonisms.

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I see too many kids whose lives are a mess because of lousy parents,” he’d added to bolster his argument. —but he’d flatly refused to take any role in their child’s life beyond financial assistance. He’d insisted that she—and their baby—would thank him someday. Rather than continue a fight she knew she couldn’t win, Molly had let her pride kick in. Convinced she could raise the child on her own and stunned by Daniel’s attitude, she had thrown his offer of money back in his face. Her baby would be a Creighton and proud of it.

If she’d asked tonight, Patrick would have stayed. As for Daniel, he and Molly hadn’t exchanged a civil word since that awful night. She doubted they ever would. She blamed him almost as much as she blamed herself. Unfortunately, that didn’t mean she’d stopped loving him. Not a day went by that she didn’t think about him and what they’d lost—not just a child, but an entire future. Seeing Patrick, who looked exactly like his twin, was a constant reminder. Not that she needed one. Daniel was so much a part of her, she could have conjured him up entirely on her own.

Before he could comment on that, an expression of genuine relief spread across her face. “There’s your brother,” she said as if Patrick’s arrival were a good thing, rather than a complication. “I hope you two will play nice. ” Daniel followed the direction of her gaze to where his twin brother stood perfectly still near the bar. Patrick looked as if he’d like nothing better than to flee, but he sucked in a deep breath, then crossed the room and slid into the booth. That, at least, was progress, Daniel thought.

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