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Download Death in Show: A Dog Walker Mystery by Judi McCoy PDF

By Judi McCoy

Specialist puppy walker Ellie Engleman does not recognize a lot in regards to the bits and bobs of puppy indicates. but if one handler is killed, Ellie will research that it is a dog-eat-dog global. specifically because the killer may well now have it out for her. She and her someday boyfriend, Detective Sam Ryder, should dig up the reality speedier than a rushing bulldog...

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She wears a mask to block germs whenever she goes outside. And every time she gets a cough, Ranger gets one, too. ” “If I had Sunny Russo’s golden voice, I’d be careful, too. The way I understand it, a woman with her mega-career can’t afford to be under the weather. The Metropolitan Opera allows a star only so many sick days. ” “I haven’t talked with her often, but I get the impression Sunny sees Ranger as more of a sympathetic friend than a pet. Her son doesn’t come around very often, and if the tabloids are correct, there isn’t a man in her life.

Would non- dog lovers really pay for the chance to see a substitute handler get killed on the competition floor? Though the idea was hard to swallow, this city was home to many curiosity seekers. People loved to gawk at hit-and-runs, pedestrian brawls, traffic accidents, even window washers hanging precariously from scaffolding twenty stories high. The ghouls might be here in full force today, thanks to the newspaper’s sensationalized story. Wouldn’t happen, Ellie decided after stewing on the ride up.

When I arrived at our stall, a woman named Felicity Apgar was making trouble for Flora. She took a couple of shots at her and one at me, too. ” “I already talked to her and didn’t get a bad vibe—” How come Sam never checked things out when she got a “bad vibe”? She gave Flora a sidelong glance and saw that she was feeding Lulu a bit of her hot dog. “There was talk of Felicity doing something unsavory a couple of months back. ” Sam swallowed the last of his hot dog and took a drink of coffee.

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