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Download Descriptionary: A Thematic Dictionary, 4th edition (Facts On by Marc McCutcheon PDF

By Marc McCutcheon

Ultimately, here is a reference e-book that works the best way the brain works, permitting scholars to find that elusive observe to the explicit factor, e.g., What do you name that belt for a tuxedo? solution: Cummerbund. "This publication is a type of small wonders...Highly recommended." -- THE publication document.

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The Greek orders are Ionic, Doric, and Corinthian. The Roman orders are Tuscan and Composite. quoinâ•… the stones used to reinforce an external wall ornamentâ•… any carved, sculpted, engraved, or painted architectural decoration. oversailing courseâ•… a row of bricks that project beyond the face of a wall. palmetteâ•… an ornament representing palm leaves. parapetâ•… a low, safeguarding wall along the edges of a rooftop. parquetâ•… inlaid wood flooring, usually forming a geometric pattern. pavilion roofâ•… a pyramidal roof.

Fangâ•… an appendage similar to a sharp tooth, also known as the chelicera. formic acidâ•… the acid injected or sprayed by some ants as a defense. fritiniencyâ•… insect noises. gallmakerâ•… an insect that causes plants or trees to grow warty protuberances, or “galls,” around them. herbivoreâ•… an insect that feeds exclusively on plants. histamineâ•… one of the main components of the poi- to arachnids. son injected by the sting of a wasp. bristleâ•… any stiff hair arising from the body. honeydewâ•… the sugary excretion of aphids and some other insects.

Pulvillusâ•… the adhesive foot lobe moistened by hybrid. secretion that allows insects to cling to smooth surfaces. pupaâ•… the inactive stage of metamorphosis following the larval stage and preceding the adult stage. pupateâ•… to become a pupa. crossbreedâ•… a cross between two different breeds; a crutchingâ•… trimming the wool around a ewe’s udder and flanks. cudâ•… regurgitated food chewed a second time and then reswallowed, part of the natural digestive process of ruminants. Livestock cullâ•… to remove an undesirable animal from a herd.

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