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Download Persian Loanwords in Anatolian Turkish by Andreas Tietze and Gilbert Lazard PDF

By Andreas Tietze and Gilbert Lazard

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Gazangubin. 67. n. 83. mary. 93. par6in. 133. zardak. 134. zarin-qadahli. Animal Husbandry and Transportation: 3. afsar. 7. dxur. ig. bdrddn. 27. cang. 28. st. 31. 6drp~ddr. 35. 6augdn. 38. 66b. 58. gilga. 6o. xarbanda. 73. kagdba. 84. maya. 85. meina. 105. n. io6. sarbdr. iII. sumtira'. 122. t6la. Hunting: 6. afzdr. 46. dflrbin. 64. xi"t. 75. kargas. 128. zay. i29. zdy6a. I3I. zam- bfirak. House, Construction: iig. ayvan. 39. dahra. 42. darz. 98. pu'tbdn. ii8. taxtap6x4. 15. tdqcva. I25. ustun.

Ahr. Culture: io9. sipara. Abstract Concepts and Adjectives: 14. avdra. 28. Eaprast. 47. firbmdnda. 53. gumdn. 54. g-ana. 56. gung. 89. niiStd. 95. p8Sa. 99. rang. 121. t z. ev 115 pust 98 sib I15 pisxun Andreas Tietze x64 tTb tdba tabx tdbxdna tabxxana taxta taxtap6' tdq I 16 5 I17 Ii6 zali zambiir zambirak zami zamin -zan zang zard zardak zarin zarin-qadah zer z8r-zamin zih zihgir zir zir-i zamin Roumanian zarnacadea Russian 6adra Sanskrit chattra- jerite I0I zedir zelenkada 135 I34 II7 94, ii8 ii8 -tari?

Pahl. t,with Kurd. t (teSt) 'tub, basin; manger' (Kurdoev 746, Bakaev 368), cf. Arm. dasd, Arab. 667). I2I. ), with Kurd. I35I, I353). In the meaning 'swift', tez is a common loanword in both Standard Persian Loanwordsin AnatolianTurkish I57 Azerbaijani and Standard Ottoman; therefore, the dialect dictionaries do not indicate its distribution in Anatolia. Standard Ottoman has also tz "high-pitched'. 122. ), with Kurd. 132, Dogull 25, 282). I307) may be an erroneous recording. Standard Azerbaijani has tula 'dog'.

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